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Forensic Neuropsychology

Definition:  Forensic neuropsychology is a subspecialty within the field of clinical neuropsychology.  It focuses on activities related to public discussion and debate in which opposing public views are attempting to reach a judgment.  The subspecialty may be involved in traditional forensic activities such as deposition and attorney conferences, but forensic neuropsychology also involves activities such as whether a professional serving the public is fit to perform his or her job or “duty” or if someone is disabled.  Unlike the setting in which neuropsychologists are working with their patients toward a common goal, forensic neuropsychology involves adversarial relationships with additional demands on the neuropsychologist to uphold ethical standards in an arena in which concrete guidelines such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and the APA Ethical Guidelines are superseded by the law.

Forensic Services Provided:

  • Expert witness
    • Consultation and review of forensic cases
    • Testimony
    • Evaluation/testing of plaintiff

  • IME (Independent Medical Evaluation)
  • Competency/Capacity Evaluations
  • Fitness for duty
  • Worker’s compensation (evaluation and recommendations but not treatment within the worker’s compensation arena)
  • Disability determination (not including Social Security Disability)
  • Due process within the public school setting
  • Personal injury

Dr. Jones’ forensic practice is fairly equally weighted in terms of representing the Plaintiff and Defense.  She arranges her schedule so as to accommodate both the need for blocks of time for depositions, attorney case conference, and other forensic activities while not compromising patient care.  Dr. Jones generally does not see patients on Fridays, but instead, leaves Fridays open for forensic activities.  Although the types of cases on which she consults are varied and include both medical and psychiatric diagnoses.  The most common cases on which she is consulted involve:  head injury, dementia, and toxic exposure.

Forensic Services Fees:

Forensic activities are billed at $300.00/hour. Depositions ($400-450/hour) Trial appearances ($500.00/hour).  A $5,000 retainer is due before services are rendered.